Clinical Applications for The Elimination Diet

Using diet to find the root cause

Working from a holistic approach, your goal is to look for the root cause of the symptoms that your clients are experiencing. What happens when your normal protocol doesn't work? You've tried removing refined foods, changing their sleep patterns and improving digestion, but the symptoms are still there. An elimination diet is a proven approach that can help determine the root cause of many common symptoms : headaches, fatigue, rashes and more.

Course curriculum

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    What is a Diet?

  • 3

    Therapeutic Applications for an Elimination Diet

    • The Elimination Diet : An Introduction

    • The Elimination Diet : Different Approaches

    • The Elimination Diet : Clinical Applications and Tips for Success

    • Elimination Diet - Special Considerations

    • Elimination Diet Meal Plan

    • Elimination Diet Foods to Avoid & Foods to Eat List

    • Histamine Food List

    • Reintroducing Foods

    • References - Elimination Diet

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Bonus Material

  • Handouts

    Enjoy ready to use handouts for how to execute an elimination diet, foods to eat, foods to avoid and histamine foods

  • Meal Plans

    Enjoy a pre-made meals plan for the elimination diet. This plan comes complete with a weekly planner, recipes and grocery list.

  • References

    Includes a PDF list of references and related studies

Welcome to Clinical Applications for The Elimination DIet

Who is this course for?

  • Newly graduated nutritionists looking for practical knowledge about the elimination diet

  • Longtime nutritionists looking for the latest research

  • Clinicians looking for an overview of the elimination diet, its mechanisms and applications

By the end of this course you will :

  • Have an in-depth understanding of the elimination diet
  • Confidently be able to match your clients health history and goals to the appropriate dietary strategy
  • Determine if the elimination diet is the correct approach for your client at this point in time
  • Be able to create individualized dietary protocols with ease 
  • Understand the pros/cons, limitations and indications for the elimination diet
  • Understand considerations and be able to modulate diets based on the individual
  • Be able to confidently explain dietary concepts to clients 
  • Understand how to lead a consultation, and steer the conversation towards empowerment
  • Be able to establish a positive, trusting therapeutic relationship with clients

Course Reviews

5 star rating

An incredible source for health practitioners to guide th...

Emily Johnson

This course will give any health practitioner the resource and extra education "brush up" to confidently work with clients, create protocols, and produce con...

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This course will give any health practitioner the resource and extra education "brush up" to confidently work with clients, create protocols, and produce content for their audience. After each course, there is PDF meal plan download that even includes the recipes. This course is making my life as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner 10x easier, I am spending less time scrolling through research and textbooks and more time spending creating effective protocols for my clients and supporting their needs. 10/10 recommend! Thank you Fiore Health founders for making my practice way more efficient!

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5 star rating

Thankful for a great learning opportunity

Kaitlyn Hogg

Having the opportunity to take Fiore Health’s “Clinical Applications for Therapeutic Diets” was an extremely valuable learning experience, especially as a ne...

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Having the opportunity to take Fiore Health’s “Clinical Applications for Therapeutic Diets” was an extremely valuable learning experience, especially as a new practitioner. I found that this course took the knowledge I learned through my education, brought it all together, while adding important insights and up to date research on each of the diets discussed: The Ketogenic Diet, Paleo, Autoimmune Paleo, Vegan and Vegetarianism and Intermittent Fasting. Upon completion of the course, I feel more up to date in my knowledge and more confident in my understanding of the client contexts in which to apply these different diets therapeutically, the different pros and cons of each, as well as what issues and contraindications to look for when implementing each of these diets into client protocols. I am extremely happy with the overall experience and can’t wait to see what else Fiore Health has in store. 

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Meet Your Instructors

Lisa Kowalyk

Lisa is a certified nutritionist, kinesiologist, functional medicine writer and nutrition researcher. She’s been involved in the research sector of academia since 2015 and has a passion for nerding out and making science comprehensible. She runs a private nutrition consulting practice online, writes and creates training materials for various nutraceutical companies. When she’s not busy working you can find her running, hiking, camping and travelling the world learning all she can from local cultures about natural medicine.

Sidney Shindle

Sidney is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and a lead faculty member at IHN, the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. With a decade of national level coaching experience in the sports realm, she is able to apply the similar approaches to motivating clients to reach their health and wellness goals. She believes that by providing the right knowledge and tools, clients are able to develop and sustain their own foundation of good health. She runs a private practice both in person and online and leads corporate seminars in nutrition and wellness. In her spare time she enjoys whipping up healthy gluten-free treats, tasting local fare on her travels and visiting sandy beaches around the world.

Does this sound familiar?

  • I have clients that have already done a food sensitivity test, but they are still experiencing symptoms

    While IgG Food Sensitivity Tests may offer insight into specific foods that irritate the individual, many tests result in multiple false positives and negatives, meaning that the client might remove foods that do not need to be removed at all, or miss the foods that may be causing the symptoms. Using an elimination diet is a surefire way to pinpoint which foods are causing the issue, as each food is re-introduced one at a time.

  • I know that my education in holistic nutrition has provided me with a knowledge base that is valuable, but I wish I had access to more educational resources on in-depth topics. I find health concerns arise with clients that I only have the basic foundational knowledge of and wish I had access to educational and informational resources to fill gaps

    Use this course to dive deeper into the the elimination diet. We designed this course specifically for practitioners who have a foundational understanding of nutrition.

  • I have no idea how to apply the elimination diet in my nutrition practice. I may have learned it in school, but I am still unsure when to use it and how to walk someone through it

    Each module is designed to give you an introduction to the diet, how it works and what foods are OK for that approach. Then, we dive deeper into mechanisms and clinical applications. Finally, there are handouts and meal plans that you can put to use right away with your clients.

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