Health, happiness and vitality - simplified.

Does this sound familiar...

  • You’ve counted calories, tried the diets, and tracked your macros. And you’re done with the stress of that! You’re excited to reach your health goals without restriction so that you can focus on the things that matter most to you in life.
  • You’ve read the books, follow all the instagram accounts, watched the webinars and you’re ready to transform confusion into clarity, simplicity and ease.

  • You have a lot going on from work and business, to family, and trying to keep up a social life. Health is important to you but it can’t come with an onslaught of more hours, and a ton of more work.

  • You’re tired and hungry all the time, even though you feel like you’re doing everything right. You eat clean and still aren’t hitting your health goals and you’re starting to wonder if there isn’t something obvious that you’re missing.

The body, the healthy lifestyle, and energy your desire is within your reach.

You don’t have to diet ever again, you can feel satiated after every meal and still achieve your wellness goals with a simple and easy to implement approach.

The key is nourishment

As you step out of the cycle of dieting and restriction and learn how to deeply nourish your body you begin to feel alive and energized. Why? Because when your cells are nourished, YOU are nourished. Eating intuitively comes easier. Cravings begin to naturally dissipate. Health goals happen faster. Simply because your body has found its way back to balance. The weight you want to lose, the energy you want to have, the mental clarity you desire is a natural byproduct of a balanced body.



A self-paced online course for women who want to end the diet cycle and find food freedom

The nutrition industry is built upon telling women to cut calories, cut carbs, and restrict in order to reach their health goals and feel comfortable in their bodies. Inside Nourish. we’re all about abundance and true health, instead of calories and confusion. 

We’ll teach you how to deeply nourish your body, and how to create a strong foundation that leads to health, vitality and radiance in the long term. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to lose weight, lower inflammation, slow down the aging process or simply feel good in your daily life, 
Nourish. will give you the confidence to make food choices that align with your health goals.

Inside Nourish.

  • You will find food freedom by revolutionizing the way you view food.

  • You’ll learn that food is the primary language of the human body and with the right nutrition you can achieve optimal health.

  • You’ll notice that your ability to emotionally regulate is increased and that you have a more positive outlook in life.

  • You'll gain the extra energy to do the things you've always wanted to do .

  • Your skin will be more vibrant. Your hair will grow. You’ll glow.

  • You’ll begin to feel good. Like really good.

Meet Your Nutritionists

Hi! We're Sidney and Lisa, co-founders of Fiore Health. Nutrition nerds, beach lovers, conference junkies and real food fanatics. We’re both certified nutritionists who have clinical practices. We work with everything from autoimmune conditions, cancer, metabolic disease, digestive conditions, pain management, stress management, sports nutrition and of course, weight loss. We both work with clients who have chronic conditions, as well as those who are looking for preventative guidance and in the realms of health optimization and anti-aging. Beyond our clinical practices, we are both educators, teaching in various capacities in the nutrition and functional medicine sphere. Not to be blunt or biased, but we're pretty good at this stuff 😉.

The Nourish. Curriculum  


We’re starting this journey by looking at your individual relationship to food. This often overlooked piece is the foundation through which we all make our food choices. Understanding your unique relationship to food is the driver of sustainable change and once you understand this, you will begin to naturally make more aligned food choices. In this chapter you’ll get a feel for the course and learn more about yourself. 

(You can watch this section for free!)

Chapter 1: Your Relationship to Food 

This section is all about how food interfaces with your body. By the end of this chapter, you’ll have completely revolutionized your view of food and have cultivated a deep appreciation for it. You will leave understanding your body a little more, have clarity on the many ways food impacts our mood, and see how it influences your outlook on life. You’ll see why we can use our food choices as a tool in creating the health and life we desire. 

Chapter 2: Mindful Eating 

We guide you through best practices when it comes to eating. Spoiler alert: it’s not only about what you eat - but how you eat it. You will learn simple practices that can be easily integrated into your life that will have profound impacts on your body, and these have nothing to do with what is on your plate! 

Chapter 3: The Secret to Great Digestion and Metabolism 

A marketing course once told us to keep a little mystery, so this module is staying a secret. But, we will tell you that digestion and metabolism are linked. The main reason why we see these two important bodily functions acting sluggish, in general, comes down to one easily modifiable ‘thing’... and that ‘thing’ is missing from the conversation in nutrition. We’ll explain this and provide you with the information to check how you’re doing in this area, and of course, improve it! 

Chapter 4: How to Build a Healthy Plate

Our favorite module. You’ll journey through all the macronutrients (carbs, fat and proteins) and finally get answers on nutritions’ hottest topics: are carbs the devil? Are plant and animal proteins the same? Does fat make you fat? The take away at the end is that you learn the anatomy of a nourishing and satisfying plate, and are able to intuitively create one. This is the most information-dense and longest chapter, but we promise we’ve mastered the art of making macronutrients interesting! e art of making macronutrients interesting! 

Chapter 5: How to Increase Nutrients 

Nutrients are important. This chapter talks more about how the components of food are the language of the body and how you can create more coherent communication in the body through incorporating a variety of micronutrients into our diets. More than vitamins and minerals, you’ll get to know the  different classes of micronutrients and how to use them to your advantage. If you’re into anti-aging and feeling realllllly good you’ll want to pay extra attention ;) 

Chapter 6: When Should I Eat 

Short, sweet and invaluable, this chapter is about timing your meals. Here you’ll learn when how many meals to eat a day, when the first meal of the day should be and if/when to eat before bed. You’ll understand how this relates to your energy level throughout the day, digestive health and even immune health. Just like how you eat is as important as what you eat, so is when you eat. 

Chapter 7: Debunking Nutrition Myths 

This chapter is all about teaching you how to decipher clever marketing strategies from real health foods. We find in our clinical practices, many have the intention to eat healthy and many ‘eat clean’ yet still have symptoms, low energy and fatigue. This is in large part due to ‘health washing’ and outdated health advice that directs consumer behavior. After this module you’ll be an expert in calling BS and making fully informed choices when it comes to what to put in your body.

Chapter 8: Understanding Sugar 

We talk about the relationship between sugar and energy crashes + blood sugar + disease.  We show you where sugar hides in everyday foods (sugar is a clever thing), whether or not sugar alternatives are the better choice and how and when to use sugar in your life (it’s not all bad). You’ll leave this chapter informed, yet not scared of sugar and inspired to recalibrate your taste buds. Because sensitive taste buds make eating a luxurious experience. 

Chapter 9: Food and Environment 

This is an add on chapter that goes beyond the foundations of nutrition and introduces you to how food interacts with our environment and how this impacts us. We talk about how to get the most nutrient dense produce, we go into organic vs non-organic food and discuss best practices for us and the environment, because as you’ll notice throughout this course, everything is connected! 

Chapter 10: Healthy Swaps

The content you’ll find here is black and white. We simply compare foods and advise you what to eat more of and less of (ex- less table salt, more sea salt; more butter, less margarine). It’s designed to simplify your life. To assess your pantry staples and uplevel them to glide you with ease into this new, beautiful and nourishing way to eat.  To help you grocery shop with confidence. To cut out the confusion. This module alone can take your health to the next level.

When you enroll in Nourish. you'll receive :

Instant access to our online portal where all 10 of the nutrition chapters are housed. You have lifetime access to the video trainings and the supplemental handouts that are included. 

Every chapter is recorded and designed with you in mind, based on the foundational principles we use with our clients in clinical practice. The same principles that we have seen countless times bring our clients back to a place of balance, vibrancy and health. The underlying message of Nourish. and the biggest take away is that stripping nutrition down to the basics results in coherence & harmony in the body that inherently leads to vibrant health -  nourishing nutrition is a gateway, creating ripples of positivity in your life. We’ve seen it hundreds of times and now you will too. 

You’re Worthy of Feeling at Home in Your Body

Feeling satiated, satisfied and healthy

You deserve to simply feeling good.


Let today be the day you decide to step into your highest, most radiant self.

What People are Saying...

5 star rating

Very informative and matches the course content.

Kaitlyn Hogg

As a Nutritional Practitioner, this course provides valuable, easy to understand and applicable information that is vital in arming you with the basic nutrit...

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As a Nutritional Practitioner, this course provides valuable, easy to understand and applicable information that is vital in arming you with the basic nutritional principles needed to make healthy dietary choices to promote overall health. Extremely important information that is beneficial for anyone looking to gain foundational knowledge about diet and health. Would recommend this course to anyone interested in health or looking to improve their overall health through healthy dietary choices.

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5 star rating

Engaging and well-organized intro to nutrition fundamentals

Camila Montaner

A great introduction to the principles of eating well! Sidney and Lisa distill the overwhelming and confusing abundance of nutrition information into ten eas...

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A great introduction to the principles of eating well! Sidney and Lisa distill the overwhelming and confusing abundance of nutrition information into ten easy-to-understand chapters that lay the groundwork for sustainable health. They provide manageable action steps for implementation along the way like easy tips for increasing nutrient intake without charts or calculators. I loved their recipe package loaded with simple yet innovative ideas and beautiful images. They make eating well easy and delicious!

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5 star rating

Excellent Title, Excellent Content

cheryl walilko

Relevant and easy to understand Lisa and Sidney explained how to apply the foundational principles of nutrition apply in every day life. They helped to s...

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Relevant and easy to understand Lisa and Sidney explained how to apply the foundational principles of nutrition apply in every day life. They helped to sift out irrelevant information about food and health and educated about a straight forward approach to eating and health. Well done.

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Have Questions?

  • Will I lose weight if I take this course?

    The purpose of this course is not directly intended for weight loss, however, throughout the chapters of this course we provide you with information that helps you to bring your body back into balance. When your body comes back into balance, weight naturally regulates. We do not teach you how to count calories or weigh your macros.

  • I am a healthcare provider - would this course be beneficial for me to take?

    Absolutely. The principles taught in this course are distilled down from years of clinical practice and experience. It goes deeper than what many of us learned in school. It also provides a framework for how to speak to clients in a way they understand. A lot of our own continuing education comes from mentors in the field and we believe that learning from each other is the best way to become a better practitioner.

  • Does this course provide meal plans and strict guides for health?

    Nooo. This course is designed to ensure you don't need meal plans or restrictive diets ever again. Our intention for this course is for you to learn the foundations of nutrition, so you can become your own nutritionist and feel confident about how to nourish yourself. We are here to empower you, not tell you what to do.

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