You don't have to spend hours working on every protocol to give your clients the results they are looking for.

The key is streamlining the process, making it easier for you AND your clients.

Seamless protocol creation starts with the quality and depth of your intake. Your consultation process and understanding the nuances of your client, just as much as your knowledge of nutrition, science and biology.

You're Booking Clients, You're Building Protocols, But You Feel Like Something Is Missing

Does this sound familiar...

  • You haven't even started working with clients yet, because you don't feel like you know how to build effective protocols
  • You’ve started booking clients and creating plans, but you stare at an empty document, not knowing where to start
  • You wonder if your protocols truly make a difference
  • You've been making protocols for a while, but you're getting tired of spending hours on every protocol

  • You learned how to help people using nutrition, lifestyle and other holistic means, but no one showed you how to create a protocol

  • You know how to make change with clients, but no one taught you how to integrate them into one cohesive plan

  • You don't know the sweet spot - how much information should be in one protocol?


How to Create Nutrition Protocols

A complete framework for building effective plans and protocols for nutritionists

Nutrition school opens up a world of possibilities; you learn about concepts that are life changing for both you and your future clients. But, there is a major gap in most nutrition programs (and something that we struggled with too!)  - How to Create Protocols. 

You have the knowledge to help people (even if you might not think you're ready) It's just that no one ever taught you how to put it together!

In this course we'll teach you how to translate the information you learned in school into effective client programs. We take you through the entire process of protocol creation, which begins with the quality of your intake and initial sessions, all the way through to writing the protocol itself.

We show you how to take a comprehensive inventory of your client's symptoms and wellbeing, far beyond your average intake you learned in school. We walk through the intricate layers of assessments used to create unique protocol maps.  We teach you what elements to include in each phase of the protocol. We also teach you how to streamline protocol creation, without losing the personalized touch.

This course is an accumulation and summary of everything that we have learned over the years through trial and error. The more we learn about dynamic protocol creation, the easier it is to create impactful protocols with high client compliance and subsequent referrals. 

After This Course

  • You will know how to take your clients through five layers of in depth assessments

  • You will know which questions and how to truly hear their answers to make impactful change

  • You will be able to map out a step by step plan for primary and secondary protocols, and beyond

  • You will be able to provide the right amount of information for each client, depending on their goals, personality, environment and finances

  • You will be able to drastically reduce how much time you spend on each protocol, without sacrificing quality

  • You will be able to confidently create and deliver protocols

  • You will be able to troubleshoot and pivot a protocol when a client isn't seeing the desired results

Meet Your Instructors

Hi! We're Sidney and Lisa, co-founders of Fiore Health. We’re both certified nutritionists who have clinical practices. Since neither of us have a niche in our practices, we have created protocols for everything from autoimmune conditions, cancer, metabolic disease, digestive conditions, pain management, stress management, sports nutrition to weight loss. We have a combined experience of 10+ years of clinical work. Our experience in protocol creation has evolved over the years, based on our own trials and errors, mentorship and collaborations with other in the health and medical spheres. We create protocols ranging from preventative programs to complex chronic illness, which require different approaches. Beyond our clinical practices, we are both educators, teaching in various capacities in the nutrition and functional medicine sphere.

Preview The Curriculum 


Learn a little bit more about  who we are and why we made this course

Part I : Your Role in Client Healing

In this module we dive into the many roles you play as a practitioner, as well as how to develop the skillset to use them accordingly. The way you interact with clients is one of the first steps that determines the efficacy of your protocol

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Part II : Getting to Know Your Client

Learn to read between the lines and see the person sitting in front of you. By understanding your client's personality, readiness to make change, and who they are deep down, you can create protocols that seamlessly integrate into their life.

Part III : Assessments

We walk you through five in depth assessments that we use with our clients to create a protocol map. We will show you how to take that map and distill the contents down into the steps and layers that become your protocols.

Download : Additional Questions to Add to Your Intake

Part IV : Goals

We teach you how to effectively communicate the steps and rationale of your protocol to a client, and how they align with their goals, as this may not be apparent to them at first. We walk you through the art of meeting your clients where they're at, while still proving a plan that makes change. 

Part V : The Pillars of a Protocol

We show you how to take your protocol map and choose the path of least resistance for your client. You will learn how to create the initial phases of a protocol, how to deliver this and how to plan ahead for phase 2, follow up sessions and beyond. 

Download : Protocol Templates

Part VI : Nuances 

When it comes to protocol creation, nothing is black and white. In this module we dive into the nuances of bio-individuality. We show you how to use supplements and herbs, what to do if you're not the only clinician this client is seeing and when to set the foundation with a client vs when more extreme measure may be indicated. We also cover how to approach restriction when it's necessary.

Part VII : How to Streamline Your Protocols

We go over protocol, email and intake templates to save you time.  We show you the essential elements of a protocol and how this physically looks on paper or in a document. We teach you how to repurpose content from previous protocols to save you time. What information to type up and save for easy copy and pasting and how to put this in a Google Drive folder for efficient access. 

We also cover additional information that is often given to clients : lifestyle handouts, educational resources and recipes.

Download : Skeleton Protocol Example

Part VIII : Case Studies 

We show you examples of actual protocols and explain the goals, steps and rationale behind them. 

When you this course launches, you'll receive :

Instant access to our online portal where all 8 chapters are housed. You will have access to the video trainings and the supplemental handouts that are included. 

Every chapter is recorded and designed with nutritionists in mind, based on the principles we use in our clinical practices. The same principles and skills that we have used countless times to bring our clients back to a place of balance, vibrancy and health. Our goal in sharing this course with you is to help increase your confidence in designing and delivering protocols that make a difference, while saving you time and preventing burnout. 

We take the stress out of making protocols, so you can free up mental space to expand and flourish as a practitioner.

-- Lisa & Sidney 

Are you ready to take the stress out of protocol creation?

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