Picture this...

Imagine feeling confident in the protocols you create, while resonating with your clients. Knowing how and when to share information and run successful sessions. Building a safe container for clients, where they feel supported and free to express themselves. 

Imagine being the type of practitioner that people are excited to talk about to their friends and family.


You may feel stuck, wondering how to run effective sessions and how to provide just enough information for your clients. 

You might feel nervous before sessions, shaky and anxious like a first date, wondering if you will say the right things. 

You may feel unsure of how to get things started after school, or how to fine tune your practice for lasting success. 

You may still feel unsure of how clients feel leaving sessions or wonder why they drop off and cancel without warning. 

What if there was another way?

What if there was a way to feel excited after client sessions? Knowing full well that your clients feel your support. That your sessions are helpful for not only them, but for you - each session allowing you to sink deeper and expand into your potential as a transformative practitioner. 

What if there was a way to package your passions as a nutritionist and create a career and life that you love, that supports you while impacting others? Maybe even one that didn't involve clinical work?

And what if there was a way to do all of this in an almost effortless way, so your clients are on the path of least resistance and you yourself feel calm and confident throughout the process? 

So you think, one day... that will be me.

Perhaps you think this comes with years of experience, or by going back to school,  so you feel ready and prepared to start your practice or land more clients.

Here’s the thing. Being a good practitioner is a state of being - a blend of art and science. 

By understanding and honouring this, you can rapidly grow your business and impact more people, all while feeling inspired and excited to do what you love. 

Of course there is the business side of things, but when you adopt these principles you can scale your business with ease - You don't need to wait 5, 10, 15 years to reach this state of wisdom and experience in your practice. 

Start now, but skip the trial and error

Based on years of combined experience, we’ve distilled thousands of hours of clinical and business trial and error to create the information we share here. 

We’ve taken ample continuing education and worked under mentors. 

We’ve discovered the anatomy of client acquisition and retention. 

We’ve learned from some of the best leaders in the field, as well as from our clients themselves, how to be a better practitioner. 

Through all of this, we have learned how to be impactful practitioners that not only empower our clients, but remind clients of their innate power. 

We know how to deliver information to our clients in a way that sparks the fire that reaches beyond small goals - sparks that grow into a deeper passion and desire to understand life as a whole. 

This course teaches you :

  • Confidence in practice

  • How to connect with your clients

  • How to assess their readiness and desire to make change

  • How to successfully coach clients for lasting results

  • How to set yourself up energetically for success

  • How to make you a no-brainer referral for other practitioners, family members and friends

  • How to monetize your skills and passions as a nutritionist and / or wellness practitioner

  • How to show up fully in your sessions

  • How to structure sessions

  • How to structure effective protocols

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Questions to Accelerate Your Business

  • 2

    How to Structure Your Services

    • What We'll Cover

    • Coaching and Clinical Work

    • Online Courses and Memberships

    • Other Ways to Monetize Your Skills

    • Pricing & Adding Value

    • How to Structure Your Services - Worksheet

  • 3

    The Energetics of Coaching

    • What We'll Cover

    • The Energy of an Effective Practitioner

    • Coaching as an Act of Service

    • Getting to Know Yourself

    • Showing Up Fully

    • The Energetics of Coaching - Worksheet

  • 4

    The Art & Science of Coaching

    • What We'll Cover

    • What Drives Behaviour

    • Motivation Matters

    • The Steps of Making Change

    • How to Elicit Change And Inspire Clients to Maintain It

    • Putting It Into Practice

    • The Science and Art of Coaching - Worksheet

  • 5

    How to Structure Sessions

  • 6

    Brandable Handouts

    • How To Use These Brandable Handouts

    • Breath Patterns

    • Healthy Swaps

    • How to Make a Balanced Smoothie

    • How to Make Bone Broth

    • How to Make Blender Juice

    • How to Make a Buddha Bowl

    • How to Build a Healthy Plate

    • How to Do a Detox Bath

    • How to Make Nut Milk

    • How to Keep Fruits & Veggies Fresh

    • How to Use a Castor Oil Pack

    • Nutrition Labels & Ingredients to Avoid

    • Sleep Hygiene

    • Understanding the Macronutrients

  • 7

    Course Close

    • The Confident Nutritionist - Feedback

Meet Your Instructors

Sidney Shindle

Sidney is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and a lead faculty member at IHN, the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. With a decade of national level coaching experience in the sports realm, she is able to apply the similar approaches to motivating clients to reach their health and wellness goals. She believes that by providing the right knowledge and tools, clients are able to develop and sustain their own foundation of good health. She runs a private practice both in person and online and leads corporate seminars in nutrition and wellness. In her spare time she enjoys whipping up healthy gluten-free treats, tasting local fare on her travels and visiting sandy beaches around the world.

Lisa Kowalyk

Lisa is a certified nutritionist, kinesiologist, functional medicine writer and nutrition researcher. She’s been involved in the research sector of academia since 2015 and has a passion for nerding out and making science comprehensible. She runs a private nutrition consulting practice online, writes and creates training materials for various nutraceutical companies. When she’s not busy working you can find her running, hiking, camping and travelling the world learning all she can from local cultures about natural medicine.

Get to where you want to go

This course takes you from feeling unsure, like you’re winging it, to feeling confident and prepared by giving you conceptual ideas to change the way you perceive what it means to be a practitioner. 

This course isn’t a framework, we don’t give you a step by step guide to creating your business. There are no three pillars of success. Instead, this course is a transformational container that offers you insight and perspectives into how to become a confident, successful and impactful practitioner.

Pricing options

What will I get out of this course?

After taking this course you will feel expanded, confident, motivated and inspired. 

Your work-life balance will feel more coherent. Your business will feel easy and exciting. This course wil have you feeling like a fuck yeah I can’t wait to do shit kind of vibe. 

Client sessions will feel in flow. 

Your vision for your life and business will feel more plausible, with a myriad of options for you to choose from.

This course is for nutritionists and health coaches who :

  • Want to feel inspired and connected to their work

  • Want to be part of a creative and collaborative community 

  • Aren’t sure where to start

  • Want clarity on how to monetize their skills and passions in ways that feel good

  • Want to expand their practice

  • Want to refine their coaching skills, protocols and client interactions 

This course is also for practitioners who already incorporate nutrition counselling into their practice and are looking for further guidance.


  • How long will I have access to the course?

    Forever! Once you purchase this course, you will have access to it for as long as it lives on this platform. Each time we launch this course, we add more content, so your initial investment will continue to evolve!

  • What's the duration of this course?

    The course is comprised of four video modules that you can listen to at your own pace

  • Are there any live sessions?

    Yes! While the course is made up of pre-recorded content, there will be two live community calls where you can connect with like-minded people.

  • If I am an established nutritionist would this be beneficial for me?

    Yes! We weave together elements of coaching, structure and experience throughout the course, pulling from psychology and energetics, which are ever-expanding fields. We believe it’s a unique course that any nutritionist or health coach could pull pearls from. We have found that every practitioner has their own style, using this as a way to collaborate and expand is always helpful in practice.

  • I’m a personal trainer. Would I benefit from this?

    If you have any nutrition certifications and provide nutrition advice, you would benefit from this course! Coaching makes a big difference to client outcomes.

  • Are there any bonuses?

    Yes - we have upgraded to course to include brandable client handouts so you can elevate your practice while also keeping your life simple

Refund and Privacy Policy

This course is non-refundable. 

For more information on our privacy policy, click here. 

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