Become the Practitioner 

You Want to Be

Being a good practitioner is a state of being - a blend of art and science.

With all of the knowledge you've gained, the next step is putting it into practice, confidently.   We have taken our two most popular courses and bundled them together so you can learn : 

   How to connect with your clients

   How to assess their readiness and desire to make change

   How to successfully coach clients for lasting results

   How to set yourself up energetically for success

   How to monetize your skills and passions as a nutritionist 

   How to confidently create and deliver protocols

✔  How to take your clients through five layers of in depth assessments

   How to provide the right amount of information for each client, depending on their goals, personality, environment and finances

✔  How to map out primary and secondary protocols, and beyond

   How to drastically reduce the amount of time you spend on each protocol, without sacrificing quality

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